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What We Do

          Aquamare, LLC is the current holder of all intellectual and Patented property of Aquamare Companies.    Aquamare, LLC has developed the patented process for producing fresh water. 

The founding partners have extensive expertise in the water, waste water and energy fields as Professional Engineers with over two hundred years of experience.  Using this extensive expertise they have developed the Aquamare Patented Water Process used in all Aquamare Companies projects.

Who We Are

Ron Mayo



President Ron Mayo, has been a highly sought after national leader in the water and wastewater field for 30 plus years.  He has consulted to both the private and public sectors throughout the USA, offering expertise in all aspects of water and wastewater construction and operations.

Ron Mayo has also actively been involved with both the National Water Environment Federation and the American Water Works Association.  He has represented the Governor's office to the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality and was the President and Government Affairs Chairman, of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality for the Water Environmental Association of Texas. 


Ron earned a degree in Civil Engineering at the University of Tennessee.

Steven Ayers, P.E.

Vice President of Operations


Vice President of Operations, Steven Ayers has 40+ years of experience in the oil and gas industry as a Registered Professional Engineer.  His experience has ranged from a major oil and gas company to several small independent companies as partner/owner as well as consultant. Steve has served as operations manager/engineer and coordinated major drilling and completion activities throughout Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado and Arkansas.

He has experienced the difficulties associated not only with procuring water for oil and gas projects, but with the management of water disposal activities and its effects on the environment.


Steve graduated for the University of Oklahoma with a Civil Engineering degree.

Kevin Murphree

Vice President of Development


Kevin is Vice President of Development, Kevin Murphree has provided expertise and engineering services to independent oil and gas companies throughout the southwest for more than 34+ years.

Kevin has led all aspects of project sites throughout the Mid-Continent area including formation evaluations, risk evaluation and mitigation, design, construction, operations and closeout.

Kevin is frequently called as an expert witness having appeared before the Oklahoma Corporation Commission regulatory board and other regulatory bodies.


Kevin earned a degree in Petroleum Engineering at the University of Oklahoma . 

Warren Peacock, P.E.

Vice President of Engineering and Design


Warren is Vice President of Engineering and Design, Warren Peacock has 38+ years of extensive experience in the design and analysis of water and wastewater treatment facilities.

Warren understands the needs and requirements of our public clients having served as the City Engineer for multiple municipalities throughout Oklahoma. 

Warren has also founded a successful family owned Architectural and Civil Engineering firm with his son, a licensed Architect and his daughter, a graduate Civil Engineer.  Warren's firm serves both public and private entities throughout Oklahoma and Texas.  Warren has significant experience with regulatory agencies from multiple jurisdictions and departments providing in depth understanding of regulatory requirements.


Warren earned a degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Oklahoma. 

Aqua Beta

Aquamare, LLC has develop our Patented Water Process to produce clean water, supporting domestic use and wildlife habitats. The AquaBeta test showed, that clean water produced by the Aquamare System can sustain fish habitats with no effects.

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